ABAC News Advertisers

The ABAC would like to thank all of the advertisers in the ABAC News for their financial support. We urge all ABAC members to remember these vendors when you need product for your business! Support THOSE who support YOU!

*Advertisers who are also Members are starred.
Acura*Acura of AvonAvon, CT 800-273-1503
Fax: 860-693-1644

Acura*Acura of MilfordMilfordc CT800-272-2872
Fax: 203-878-8640

Acura*Schaller AcuraManchester, CT 800-448-4917
Fax: 860-649-9493
Audi*Audi of FairfieldFairfield, CT877-955-PART
Fax: 203-330-7275

Audi*Hoffman Audi of East Hartford                                                                                            East Hartford, CT800-624-3429
Fax: 860-290-6355
Audi*Hoffman Audi of New London   New London, CT877-807-2787
Fax: 860-290-6336
AudiValenti MotorsWatertown, CT 800-238-3346
Fax: 860-945-4987
BMWBMW of BridgeportCT's Largest Wholesale Distributor800-953-3111
Fax: 203-394-6209
BMW*BMW of North HavenServing All of Connecticut877-493-3888
Fax: 203-234-0384
BMW*BMW of WatertownWatertown, CT844-895-6839
Fax: 860-274-0617
Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep*Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Dodge JeepWe're as Close As Your Phone!800-822-3015
Fax: 401-822-8177
Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep*Old Saybrook Chrysler Jeep DodgeOld Saybrook, CT866-683-9609
Fax: 860-510-6170

Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep*Tasca Chrysler Dodge JeepYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-681-1302
Ford-Lincoln-Mercury*Balise FordWilbraham, MA800-992-6220 (Press 5)
Fax: 800-254-3544

Ford-Lincoln-MercuryColonial FordServing Western CT203-731-5232
Fax: 203-743-0220
Ford-Lincoln-Mercury*Columbia Ford Lincoln MercuryColumbia, CT 800-989-3673
Fax: 860-228-2258
Ford-Lincoln-MercuryFord of BranfordBranford, CT 800-232-6149
Fax: 203-483-5184
Ford-Lincoln-Mercury*Hoffman FordEast Hartford, CT 800-824-8148
Fax: 860-290-6336
Ford-Lincoln-Mercury*Tasca Ford - Linc - MercYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-861-1302
General Motors*Balise ChevroletSpringfield, MA800-992-6220 (Press 2)
Fax: 800-254-3544

General Motors*Gates GMC - BuickColumbia, CT800-989-3673
Fax: 860-228-3260
General Motors*McDermott ChevroletEast Haven, CT800-228-1282
Fax: 203-466-2438
General Motors*Richard ChevroletCheshire, CT800-355-2438
Fax: 203-271-2502
General Motors*Stephen Cadillac GMCServing All of Connecticut800-826-9546
Fax: 860-584-7485
General Motors*Tasca Buick Chevrolet GMCYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-681-1302
Honda*Balise HondaWest Springfield, MA800-992-6220 (Press 3)
Fax: 800-254-3544

Honda*Hoffman HondaWest Simsbury, CT800-824-8481
Fax: 860-658-6210
Honda*Honda of WatertownWatertown, CT 800-420-4757
Fax: 860-274-4378

HondaLia HondaEnfield, CT 800-222-6632
Fax: 860-253-5419
Honda*Schaller HondaNew Britain, CT800-382-4525
Fax: 860-826-2083
Honda*Westbrook HondaWestbrook, CT800-315-5518
Fax: 860-399-7024

Hyundai*Balise HyundaiSpringfield, MA800-992-6220 (Press 7)
Fax: 800-254-3544

HyundaiMeriden HyundaiMeriden, CT203-235-1669
Fax: 203-317-3896
Hyundai*Old Saybrook HyundaiOld Saybrook, CT855-614-7131
Fax: 860-388-9936

Kia*Bald Hill KiaWe're as Close As Your Phone!800-822-3015
Fax: 401-822-8177
Kia*Balise KiaWest Springfield, MA800-992-6220(Press *)
Fax: 800-254-3544

Kia*Columbia KiaColumbia, CT 800-989-3673
Fax: 860-228-2258
KiaNapoli KiaMilford, CT800-336-2765
Direct: 203-783-5850
Kia*Premier KiaBranford, CT877-895-7760
Direct: 203-315-2080
Fax: 866-685-0386

Kia*Tasca KiaYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-681-1302
Lexus*Balise LexusWest Springfield, MA800-992-6220 (Press #)
Fax: 800-254-3544

Lexus*Hoffman LexusEast Hartford, CT888-41-LEXUS
Fax: 860-290-6309
Lexus*McDermott LexusEast Haven, CT800-228-1282
Fax: 203-466-1999
Mazda*Balise MazdaWest Springfield, MA800-992-6220 (Press 6)
Fax: 800-254-3544

MazdaMazda of MilfordMilford, CT 800-752-3717
Fax: 203-301-5137
Mazda*Tasca MazdaYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-681-1302
Mercedes*Mercedes Benz of FairfieldFairfield, CT203-367-7030
Fax: 203-330-2830
Mercedes*Mercedes Benz of GreenwichGreenwich, CT203-869-2850
Fax: 203-422-5853
Mercedes*Mercedes Benz of North HavenServing All of Connecticut877-493-3888
Fax: 203-234-2904
Mitsubishi*Schaller MitsubishiNew Britain, CT 800-382-4525
Fax: 860-826-2063
Nissan*Balise NissanWarwick, RI 800-992-6220 (Press 4)
Fax: 800-254-3544

NissanBarberino NissanServing All of Connecticut800-304-1804
Fax: 203-774-0381
Nissan*County Line NissanServing All of Connecticut800-553-3411
Fax: 203-598-3205
Nissan*County Line NorthServing All of Connecticut860-482-5555
Fax: 860-96-231
Nissan*Gates NissanColumbia, CT800-989-3673
Fax: 860-228-3260
Nissan*Hoffman NissanWest Simsbury, CT860-658-3370
Fax: 860-651-9642
NissanMiddletown NissanMiddletown, CT860-632-6400
Fax: 860-632-6401
NissanNapoli NissanMilford, CT203-877-5607
Porsche*Hoffman PorscheHartford, CT 800-624-3429
Fax: 860-290-6101
Porsche*Porsche of FairfieldFairfield, CT877-955-PART
Fax: 203-330-7275
Saturn*Richard ChevroletCheshire, CT 800-355-2438
Fax: 203-271-2502
Sprinter/Smart*Mercedes Benz of FairfieldFairfield, CT203-367-7030
Fax: 203-330-2830
Subaru*Balise SubaruWarwick, RI800-992-6220 (Press 8)
Fax: 800-254-3544

SubaruCenter SubaruTorrington, CT800-423-7822
Fax: 413-733-8617
SubaruColonial SubaruServing All of Connecticut800-229-2656
Fax: 203-743-0220
Subaru*Mitchell SubaruCanton, CT860-693-7731
Fax: 860-693-5923
Subaru*Premier SubaruWatertown, CT 800-327-9002
Fax: 860-945-4894
Subaru*Schaller SubaruMiddletown, CT860-826-2050
Fax: 860-826-2098
SubaruSuburban SubaruAround the Corner From Everywhere!
Open until 7:00pm for Parts Ordering
Fax: 860-646-9876
Toyota*A-1 ToyotaNew Haven, CT800-218-6968
Fax: 203-397-6209

Toyota*Balise Toyota ScionWest Springfield, MA 800-992-6220 (Press 1)
Fax: 800-254-3544

Toyota*Hoffman ToyotaWest Simsbury, CT800-624-7278
Fax: 860-658-6801
Toyota*Stephen ToyotaServing All of Connecticut800-692-0001
Fax: 860-584-7485
Toyota*Westbrook ToyotaWestbrook, CT800-315-5516
Fax: 860-399-0341

Volkswagen*Balise VolkswagenWest Warwick, RI 800-992-6220 (Press 9)
Fax: 800-254-3544

VolkswagenCurran VolkswagenStratford, CT203-378-6516
Fax: 203-380-3732
Volkswagen*Mitchell VolkswagenCanton, CT860-693-5907
Fax: 860-693-5910
VolkswagenValenti MotorsWatertown, CT 800-238-3346
Fax: 860-945-4987
VolkswagenVolkswagen of HartfordHartford, CT 860-543-6012
Fax: 860-728-4402
Volvo*Tasca VolvoYou Will Be Satisfied888-789-3311
Fax: 401-681-1302
Auto Body and Paint Supplies*Albert Kemperle, Inc.Serving All of Connecticut860-727-0933
Fax: 860-727-0934
Auto Body and Paint Supplies*Kent AutomotiveServing All of Connecticut570-947-0073
Fax: 570-969-0412
Auto Body and Paint Supplies*Paint WorldNew Haven, CT800-548-4321
Fax: 203-776-9952
Auto Body and Paint Supplies*Sherwin Williams Automotive FinishesServing All of Connecticut203-934-7224
Fax: 203-934-7298
Auto Body and Paint Supplies*West Springfield Auto Parts PlusServing All of Connecticut800-828-9714
Fax: 413-733-5442
Auto Rental*Enterprise Rent-A-Car74 Locations in Connecticut1-800-RENT-A-CAR
Collision Repair EquipmentLombard EquipmentServing All of Connecticut800-422-PULL
Collision Repair Equipment*Metropolitan Car-o-LinerServing All of Connecticut800-526-0318
Fax 201-934-5624
Insurance*Security First Insurance GroupWaterbury, CT 203-574-5200
Fax: 203-574-0408
Legal Services*Buckley, Wynne & PareseServing All of Connecticut800-445-2278
Mobile DiagnosticsTech Zone Mobile Diagnostic ExpertsMiddletown, CT860-343-1828
Fax: 860-343-7548
TiresTown Fair Tire Centers of CTEast Haven, CT Call your local Town Fair Tire Store
Used Auto PartsChuck & Eddies Used Auto PartsServing All of Connecticut800-423-8353
Fax: 860-628-7013